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Yuboku Tokyo Days Pouch (Made in Japan Series)

Yuboku Tokyo Days Pouch (Made in Japan Series)

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※Available for shipping from our company. This product is available for pre-order. The scheduled shipping date is 2023/10/31.


残り 45 個 / 55 個


10/31 18:00 まで


29 日


10 月 下 旬

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ユウボク東京 デイズポーチ(日本製シリーズ)


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【予約受付数】残り 45 個 / 55 個

【残り時間】 29 日

【予約受付期間】 10/31 18:00 まで

【発送予定】 10 月 下 旬


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【YoubokuTokyo - Days Pouch】Made in Japan Self-standing organizing pouch on the desk, perfect for working with a laptop. - ユウボク東京公式ストア

About Yubok Tokyo

We want to be a brand that supports diverse and flexible work styles and “softly attracts” people.

Yubok Tokyo is a work style brand that supports diverse and flexible work styles that suit the lifestyles of each individual and “softly attracts” their individuality.

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