Affiliate Partner Recruitment

Yuuboku Tokyo official store is looking for affiliate partners.

Yuuboku Tokyo Affiliate

This affiliate can receive 11% of the purchase amount including tax as a reward if there is a purchase of products handled by this store via your blog or SNS.
We would appreciate it if you could apply for our affiliate program and introduce our products on your blog, website, SNS, etc.

*This affiliate program is operated by the Shopify application " Affitch ". Therefore, please understand that you also need to agree to Affitch's privacy policy.

[How to use]

  1. Register as an affiliate member
    *If you wish to participate, please register here.
  2. Enter your ID and password to log in
    <Affiliate login here>
  3. Select your favorite advertisements and place them on your website or e-mail magazine.
  4. If the total reward amount exceeds 5,000 yen, it will be transferred to the registered account. * Transfer application is required.

* For details, please refer to the manual of the system source "Affitch" . (It will be for affiliates.)


[Regarding rewards]

  • 11% of sales price (tax included)
    * Approval of the sales amount will be made upon delivery of the product (in the case of stock items/reserved items) or payment confirmation (in the case of long-term reserved items).
    Purchases other than "Yuboku Tokyo Official Store" ( are not eligible for reward payment.

    The following cases are not eligible for compensation.
    * Orders that have been canceled or returned after ordering * If cookies are turned off in the customer's browser settings * Purchasing via a page that uses frames * Corresponds to the violations listed below case
  • Remuneration payment will be transferred from our company to the registered bank account by the end of the month following the payment application.

[Valid days]

  • Once a website visitor clicks on an affiliate link, it is usually valid for up to 30 days.

[Violation target act]
If any of the following violations are discovered, we may immediately cancel the partnership and reject all results.

  1. Posting of images or words other than those permitted by the Company
  2. Listing purchases with trademarks, including those registered by the Company or other companies, similar keywords (such as typos), etc.
  3. Posting images or videos of a third party without permission (violation of copyright, etc.)
  4. Acts that cause misunderstandings as official websites or e-commerce sites of our company or other companies
  5. Acts of making false or exaggerated expressions
  6. Acts that violate public order and morals or the law

Affiliate mail magazines are also issued at any time! Please register below for details

▲ It takes time to display the form on the system

This affiliate program also uses AmebaPick .
(Fee rate 5%)

Learn more about AmebaPick here .

Yuuboku Tokyo mail magazine

We will deliver the latest information on Yuuboku Tokyo. In addition, subscriber-only coupons will be delivered immediately after registration.