About Yubok Tokyo

We want to be a brand that supports diverse and flexible work styles and “softly attracts” people.

Freelance, parallel worker, nomad worker, work style reform etc…
With the evolution of technology, various keywords related to work and work styles have been born.
The increase in free working styles will change the organization of companies, and the relationship between companies and workers will change as workers choose their working style.

In the same way that clothes and personal belongings represent a person's style, from now on, the way people work will also become a style that expresses that person.

Yubok Tokyo is a work style brand that supports diverse and flexible work styles that suit each person's lifestyle and "softly attracts" their individuality.

This brand is based in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is the head office of our company (Yuboku Limited Liability Company), and we are developing the brand based on a free work style.

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