I started to pay with Smartpay

The Yuuboku Tokyo official store is a payment service that allows you to pay in three installments of your credit card with zero interest and fees.

" Smartpay " has been introduced!

*SmartPay is a payment service developed by SmartPay Co., Ltd.

What is SmartPay?

Smartpay allows you to receive your purchase immediately with zero fees and 3 installments every 4 weeks

Payment method. You don't have to pay any interest or fees.

  • Pay with one click. credit card deferred payment
  • Deferred payment of 3 payments. All fees are zero.
  • Payment will be automatically deducted from your registered credit card.

*Withdrawals from some bank accounts are also supported. (Smartpay Bank Direct)
In addition, the operation method for withdrawal is different from the guidance method below. For more information, visit this page or watch this video .

How to use Smartpay

4 simple steps and you're done!


Is there a cost to use Smartpay?

Smartpay is a free service provided by merchants to buyers. There are no initial costs or payment fees. Buyers will not incur any interest or late fees.

Is Smartpay available to everyone?

Smartpay is a payment service that can be used at stores in Japan for customers who meet the following conditions.

  • Living in Japan

  • be over 20 years old

  • Ability to enter into legally binding contracts

  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and Japanese mobile phone number

  • Must have an address in Japan to which the product can be delivered

  • You must be able to purchase products with a credit card or debit card issued in Japan

Please tell me how to register and create an account.

You don't need to create an account in advance to shop with Smartpay for the first time.

Please select Smartpay as the payment method during checkout on any Smartpay-introduced site you visit. If you are a first-time user, follow the instructions provided and provide the details required to register and purchase a Smartpay account.

Just before confirming your payment, your Smartpay account will be created, after which you can purchase with Smartpay simply by confirming your purchase. However, you may need to log in first.

For other Smartpay, please see here .

*Withdrawals from some bank accounts are also supported. (Smartpay Bank Direct)

For bank direct debit, please select Smartpay Bank Direct as your payment method at checkout.
Register your bank account information. In addition, "Smartpay Bank Direct" for bank withdrawal requires operation through the SmartPay app.

For details on how to use it, please see this page or watch this video .

*SmartPay is a payment service developed by SmartPay Co., Ltd.
We cannot accept inquiries about SmartPay payments at other stores.

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