Commitment to Days Pouch <5>

Stylish gadget pouch that stands on its own [Days Pouch]
■ Body size:
Approximately 17cm in height X approximately 19cm in width (bottom approximately 13.5cm) X thickness approximately 8.5cm
(*Because it is a sewn product, please note that there may be slight differences depending on the individual.)

■ Color:
Cafe Color Cafe Beige/Cafe Khaki Existing Color Navy Gray/Black Brown/Black

■ Pouch inner fabric color:
Cafe Beige/Cafe Khaki is beige color Navy Gray/Black Brown/Black is blue gray color

■ Weight:
Cafe Beige/Cafe Khaki: about 200g
Navy/Gray/Black/Brown/Black: Approx. 170g
(*Because it is a sewn product, please note that there may be slight differences depending on the individual.)

■ Number of pockets: 9 large and small

Internal sub-pocket size that can be seen when the zipper is opened (*Designed specification size.)

[There are no fasteners on the front and back sides]
(1) Length approx. 9.5cm X Width approx. 6cm X Pocket gusset width approx. 1.5cm (2) Length approx. 9.5cm X Width approx. 7.5cm X Pocket gusset width approx. 1.5cm

[Parts with fasteners]
Approximately 12.5cm in width of the entrance X approximately 9.5cm in depth

■ Main material:
Cafe Beige/Cafe Khaki is PU (synthetic leather)
Navy/Gray/Black/Brown/Black is PE (polyester fiber)
※The wire frame of the base is included.

■Opening and closing specifications: double zipper

■ Manufacturing: China

■ Manufacturer's suggested retail price for this product:
Cafe Beige / Cafe Khaki 4,880 yen (tax included) 4,436 yen (tax excluded)
Navy/Gray/Black/Brown/Black 4,378 yen (tax included) 3,980 yen (tax excluded)
Stylish gadget pouch that stands on its own [Days Pouch]
*The “Days Pouch (Cafe Color)” posted on this page is a prototype sample before the product, and we have taken photos and videos. Therefore, please note that some specifications may differ from the delivered product, such as the color of the inner fabric.

*If you are concerned about the smell from the synthetic leather fabric used in Cafe Color, please dry it in a well-ventilated place with the top opening wide open. (If you are outdoors, please be careful of sudden rain etc.)

[About this page]

* Depending on the monitor environment, it may look different from the actual product coloring.

* Items other than this product listed on the page are not included.

*Items stored are just an example.

[Regarding the Days Pouch]

* Due to product manufacturing, specifications, colors, etc. may change without notice. Please note.

*This product does not guarantee complete protection from shocks and scratches.

* If you place a lot of heavy or tall items on one side, or if you use it in an environment where the area where the bottom touches is extremely small or narrow, it will lose its balance and become independent. Please note that there is a possibility that you may not be able to use it.

*We are not responsible for any damage, failure, loss of data, etc. of equipment, etc., so please be careful when storing valuables and equipment.

* If this product gets wet, wipe off the water with a dry soft cloth, etc. and dry it before using.

* Please note that leaving it wet due to sweat or water may cause color transfer or mold.

*This product is not waterproof or drip-proof.

* Carrying the product while holding only the zipper (pull), trying to close the zipper by pulling it strongly, or using it with an extremely large amount of items packed in it may cause damage to this product. So please be careful.

*This product does not have "parts for attaching a shoulder strap". Therefore, please note that it cannot be used as a shoulder pouch.