Information on credit card “Epos Card” [PR]

What kind of card is EPOS card?

Recommended as a second credit card!
An EPOS card with no enrollment fee or annual fee for a lifetime.
This is a credit card issued by Epos Card Co., Ltd., a member of the Marui Group that operates brands such as Marui (OIOI) and Modi.

Purchase with a credit card and pay later. The amount used will be debited from your designated account .

*This page is a promotion. We cannot accept inquiries regarding EPOS cards. note that.

What kind of credit card is Epos Card?

Easy with just a touch! Smartphone payments and electronic payments can also be used via EPOS cards.
When paying with an Epos card, you will earn 1 Epos point for every 200 yen (tax included)!

What kind of credit card is EPOS card?

Why not pay with your EPOS card and manage your fixed cost payments all at once? You can also accumulate Epos points!

What kind of credit card is Epos Card?

>Click here for information on Epos Easy Payment.
(Links to the official EPOS card page)

Epos card new membership benefits!

If you apply for a new EPOS card using the application button below, you will receive a coupon that can be used immediately at our store !

*Please check the link below for coupon gift details.
Epos card new membership benefits!

Epos Card is a credit card with no enrollment fee or annual fee.

<Accumulate points>

You can earn points not only when you use Epos Easy Payment sites, but also when you use it at restaurants, convenience stores, and other Visa member stores.

<Points can be used in many ways>

Accumulated points can be used on the Epos Easy Payment site, exchanged for gift certificates, or transferred to miles or points from other companies.

<Full of great benefits>

By presenting and using your EPOS card, you can receive discounts and benefits at bars, cafes, hair salons, karaoke, amusement parks, etc.

With one EPOS card, you can enjoy many other benefits such as overseas travel insurance.

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