Introducing the "Days Pouch (Made in Japan Series)" that is particular about sewing in Japan!

This time, although the price is higher than the existing series, we will start developing the "Days Pouch (made in Japan series)" that is particular about sewing in Japan.

*Pre-orders are currently being accepted for shipping in late September.

Newly, Yubok continued negotiations and adjustments with sewing craftsmen in Japan many times, and also prepared fabrics and materials, and this time the production system was set up.

As for the color, we have prepared two colors, “navy gray” and “black”, which are popular among conventional products.

Also, for a limited time only, we offer a wrapping service for customers who wish to use it, so how about giving it as a gift?
*Please check the product page for details of the wrapping service.

For more information, please visit .

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我々、「ユウボク東京」は、一人ひとりの生活に合わせた 多様で柔軟な働き方を応援し、その人らしさを “そっと魅せる”ワークスタイルブランドです。


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