About limited coupons for Kurafan supporters

For our crowdfunding supporters, we have sent a limited coupon code that can be used directly by our company in the thank you letter that was sent together with the return item.

Here is the explanation of the coupon code.


☆ This coupon code is limited to supporters. We do not distribute to anyone other than our supporters. In addition, the use is limited to supporters, and the coupon code cannot be exchanged for money, resold, diverted, or duplicated.
☆In addition, resale of coupon codes on web auctions, flea market apps, etc. is also prohibited.
☆Please note that if it is confirmed that someone other than our supporters is using the coupon code, we may cancel the application of the coupon code or end the campaign early.
☆ Cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

▼ Coupon code details Target: Limited to supporters Coupon code: [Please check the thank-you letter enclosed at the time of delivery]
Contents: 20% off the product price
*Products marked as "not eligible for coupons" on the product page are not eligible for coupons. *Does not apply to fees Number of uses: One-time use per person Terms of use: Only available when the product amount is ¥1000 or more Expiration date: For use by the end of April 2023

▼How to use

1: Put the product in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

2: When you proceed to the purchase procedure screen, the "coupon code" form will appear as shown below.

3: Enter this limited coupon code in the code form and press the "Apply" button.

4: When you press the button, the discount amount will be displayed on the screen. Please confirm.

▼Please note

☆ Please be sure to enter the coupon code on the purchase screen.
☆ Coupon codes cannot be applied after the order is confirmed.
☆Please be sure to enter the coupon code in half-width alphanumeric characters.

[If you are a supporter and do not have a coupon code]

If you have not enclosed it, we are very sorry, but please contact us from the crowdfunding inquiry or our company inquiry .
Also, if you have lost it, please contact us to confirm your identity in the same way.

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